Steve Tepas is a contemporary Neo-purism painter and sculptor.

Born in the Americas, raised in Europe and matured in New York City, Tepas has enjoyed a rich variety of cultural settings.

Tepas’s paintings and sculptures pay homage to the experiences, gained by living in these different communities. His distinctive personal style executed in large black and white paintings are conceptually used to depict the complexity of human interactions, emotions and the power of relationships. As the artist explains, “Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world. Human interaction and relationships are multi-faced and complex. I would love to welcome you to join me on this visual journey.”

Tepas’s Neo-Purism style, expands on the Purism movement led by the visionaries Le Corbusier and Ozenfant. To his mind, the focus is on the power of simplicity. Strip away the embellishment, you get to the truth of what the artist is trying to say.